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You commenters make me sick. This phone os sytem is nothing like the iphone except the ipod version and for their first device to be release; they did a sensational job. The iphone is so lame and overrated it's unreal and tht's why I gave it to my girlfriend. I'm proud of Microsoft and the gaming apps should be very good and will compete with apple all day espically it's connection with Xbox. Good for Microsoft but the flash not being used confuses me. I will stick with my N900 either way but a very good job by Microsoft. I swear you people find the silliest things to complain about.

´╗┐Microsoft announces the all new Windows Phone 7 Series platform

Puma X Fenty Mens

Puma X Fenty Mens

today i wasnt expecting much from MS but was blown away. the phone market has changed and smartphones are now used by anyone and not just business people, so an OS has to relate to everyone. i personally like the new look, afterall many people were asking for a phone with zune HD UI, now that you've got it what you complaining about? if they jusy polished up winmo6.6 people would then complain about MS being lazy and not innovative. atleast its different from the multiple horizontal homescreens featuring widgets being adopted by many OS's.

supports flash.

Is this based on the zune platfom? If so, it seems unlikely that we will see a professional OS based on it.

Puma X Fenty Mens

Puma X Fenty Mens

updates like on PCs. reserve your judgement till its complete and out on the market.

i switched to android from winmo 6.1 and later upgrade to winmo6.5 on the diamond2. i felt frustrated and angry at MS for lack of innovation and change. am happy with android and they are making improvements at rapid pace.

Puma X Fenty Mens

we wanted a more finger friendly OS, where the calender, settings and contact maniging could be done with fingers. We really would not have cared if it still would have looked like old winmob, especially not considering all the customisations out there.

You know what? After all this years, all this "end of Windows Mobile" talk and "WinMo is terrible", Windows Mobile 7 is still generating so much interest. I think it has to do with 1) Its a Microsoft product and 2) Its one of the "fathers" along Palm (hence the interest in the new Palm OS) and 3) Recognition despite all of WinMo interface issues, its still one of the most robust platforms. True multitasking, MS Office, Exchange Server, scalable hardware, fully customizable interface, custom ROMs, etc. It may look terrible, but its one hell of a platform.

But what is this? its a bad feature phone OS, even the Samsung Jet Puma Velvet Creepers Sale

My oppinion, i like new stuff but 6.5 looks a lot nicer .

I for one am not too pleased with the idea of it being more Iphone than WinMo. I'll probably skip this version and wait for a business version which may either be based on the WM6.5 line (as was rumored last year) or a business version of WM7.0.

this is still work in progress i think so much could change, its not the complete product. with the apps market its should start new and offer many good Puma X Fenty Mens apps for winphone 7 series. am excited about this and could jump back to winmo, however i still like android and no real reason to leave yet. will wait till it reaches the market.

Puma X Fenty Mens

Puma X Fenty Mens

holly . cow . lol tell me that was a promotional video and not the actual of the winmo7 preview?! Because from that point of view . I was expecting sth a bit more catchy and neat looking not those square lame one colored icons. We have seen the moving background before, the transitions take to long to calm down. Its cool the animation but it just takes to long to go those extra milimeters with slow speed . its useless they should fix Puma Rihanna Shoes Pink

Puma X Fenty Mens

that in my oppinion. It looks cool when u slide 5 times . when u try to use stuff it will just piss you off i imagine?

they just displayed a few screens and some of the popular features like social networks, email, messaging, contacts, browser, sync etc. they showed office being compatible and games among other things but will showcase that next month at MIX and other events. exchange activesync will be present as its now popular with google, yahoo, hotmail etc. this is a new slate for MS, they want to eventually leave the old winmo behind and rightly so. i think the lack of customisation people complaining about maybe cos MS wants to offer quick regular Puma Suede Black Gold

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Puma X Fenty Mens

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