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Years of neglect unfortunately.

The point I was making about Mr. T is that he appears to be one of those who move just outside the borough so that they are able to utilise the benefits of its facilities while not paying for them.

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Puma Velvet Creepers Sale

Puma Velvet Creepers Sale

In addition, it doesn help that west mids polcice keep making games sunday games at midday/1pm and shutting the pubs. Wolverhampton wanderers fans come from all over the country and want to be able to get into a pub, have some food and not to have to hang around on street corners.

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Puma Velvet Creepers Sale

I personally don believe that this city is beyond redemption, we need to recognise that there has been some, if not slow and steady improvement. It would also seem that you view our city status as a joke, why ? we earn it! You then go on to say that you no longer reside in the city "thankfully" with negative comments like these, I would like to think we are better off without you here!

I quite agree English Exile. I do not currently live in Wton. but I shall return and I make sure I keep a watch on its progress in order (in part) to make sure it remains a place I should wish to live in.

For anyone visiting out city and arriving by train the city looks like a bombsite. With wolves in the Premier League this was a really good opportunity to both impress visiting fans and also to make some money out of them. There are several boarded up former public houses en route to Molineux, boarded up former shops and cafes.

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It will be the people of Wolverhampton that change the views and perceptions of in coming visitors, future residents and future developments. Just take a look at the sheer amount of chewing gum, being dumped on the newly laid walkways in the town centre. There are bins for gum and cigerette nubs attached to lamposts in city but are they used ? you only need to take a good look around to answer that one.

PJW I don't live in Wolverhampton anymore (thankfully) but like Kevin I do have a right Platform Puma Rihanna

This city is just a joke and a dirty Puma Sneakers Suede Black

Wether or not Mr Threlfall, lives within these city walls he has made some very valid points that need to be addressed if we are to change the face of this city and encourage investment. Folk the like of Mr Threlfall have Wolverhampton running through their viens and should be applauded for feeling so passionate about their home town. PJW Holland you claim that Mr Threlfall, only chooses to use the benefits of our city facilities whilst not paying for them, because as you state he live just outside in the district of Perton.

Ideally they should get together and thrash out what needs doing first to improve the city and get on with it instead of having committees and wasting money.

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Andy yes Puma Velvet Creepers Sale the council could spruce up the city but I would guarantee within one month vertical surfaces would be spray painted and horizontal surfaces would be litter and chewing gum strewn.

´╗┐Millionaire says city is just like skid row Express Star

Wolverhampton could be made to be a really nice pleasant place to work and live and shop however, our council just doesnt have the foresight to ask the city population what they want to see done.

It doesn matter which council caused it, it is up to the encumbent council now to resolve the problem now.

The city center is a dump,there are more empty shops than anywhere else in the UK and thats official.

I am completely with Mr Threlfall with the frustrations that he has with this City. The history of Wolverhampton is amazing and I would highly recommend people to visit Bantock House to read about how we were leaders in so many technologies and now we are becoming a joke and the town/shopping centre a ghost town. I could go on and on but it wouldn change things we need some urgent money injected into the centre before it has hit rock bottom. when you think how many years major developments take by the time anything happens we will be about 15 years behind the likes of B ham, Walsall and Telford. When you think about what the Richardsons did with the Merry Hill centre 20 years ago and what a great place that is now for shopping and eating, we need someone like that to get us going. The state of it now? well, it be hard to convince them that the lonely planet was so wrong after all. What a shame. But hey, it can be put right again.

Good people do exist in Wolverhampton but unfortunately there are insufficient of them to make Puma Silver Platform

I am sure this was not his motive, in view of his comments, but it is the motive of so many who live in the so called South Staffs which is, in fact, the "district" part of Wolverhampton.

I congratulate Mr Threlfall, for bringing this debate to the view of the general public.

I afraid that the situation cannot be "sorted out". The key feature of any clean, welcoming and beautiful town/city is its citizens. Citizens who are decent people, have pride in themselves and care for the environment and eachother. Such residents do not deal drugs, drop litter, grafitti walls, carry knives/guns, steal cars, fiddle benefits,get drunk in public, abuse public servants or raise their children as thugs.

I agree with Fanny, take the old Sunbeam building bordering the ring road at St. Johns, that building could be converted into fantastic office and residential space, the land which was occupied by the old Scala building is still boarded up. The fox hotel just looks terrible and can see why anyone would want to stay there, anyone entering from the south would just think what a hell hole.

a difference. The whole area has far too many council estate dross areas whose residents are basically ferral.

Sort It Out soon before every one moves out.

to comment.

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Puma Velvet Creepers Sale

Puma Velvet Creepers Sale

Classic example: Walsall erected a fountain and statue. Within a week the fountain was being used for skateboarding and litter and the statue was sprayed. Total waste of time and money.

There are no leading high street retailers left in the city because of the state of the place.( sorry 3 maybe but they have not reinvested in there own stores)You are blaming private buisness for the lack of investment. what are you doing about the problem? it will only get worse.

one at that. Kevin Threlfall has a lot of good points, its just a shame that noone in the council can be arsed to listen.

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