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Puma Suede Classic Wine

The 11 year old, who lives in Lea Green, is a pupil at St John Vianney Catholic Primary School, Sutton Heath, but was denied a place at her first choice, De La Salle, because she is non Catholic.

Puma Suede Classic Wine

THESE mums are outraged that their children, pupils at St John Vianney, will now face Platform Pumas Black

old daughter Alisha is a pupil at St John Vianney, has also been allocated a place at Haydock, added: "We can't just accept this

Puma Suede Classic Wine

Jody, Lorraine Dolan with Chelsea and Donna Baldwin with Alisha.

´╗┐mile trip to school From St Helens Star

"I'm appealing against this decision, which I believe is pathetic, and know of seven other parents who are in similar situations."

over the selection policy which has seen some pupils living in areas such as Sutton, Lea Green and Thatto Heath rejected at schools including Rainhill, De La Salle, Cowley andInstead they are being asked to make daily round trips of more than 10 miles to Haydock from September.

will pick up the school bus.

Parents claim St Helens Council's decision to close Broadway High School to new pupils has backfired and left a shortage of places in an area of town where many new homes have been built.

MORE furious parents have been contacting the St Helens Star because their children have been knocked back from secondary schools of their choice and now instead face lengthy journeys to HaydockThey are angry Puma Velvet Creepers Mens

"I have a seven year old daughter who I pick up from school locally and a three year old son who will be going to nursery shortly Puma Suede Classic Wine I can't split myself in two to collect them!

Puma Suede Classic Wine

Puma Suede Classic Wine

And mum of two Donna Baldwin (34) from Sutton Leach, whose 11 year Puma Suede All Red

Puma Suede Classic Wine

Puma Suede Classic Wine

a lengthy journey to secondary school in Haydock. Pictured are (left to right) Sandra Green and daughter,

This decision was taken despite St John Vianney being De La Salle's identified feeder' school. Chelsea was also refused places at Rainhill and Sutton High.

Puma Suede Classic Wine

Mother of three Lorraine Dolan (31) learned that her daughter, Chelsea Mills had been denied places at the three schools she applied to and was instead offered a place at Haydock.

Puma Suede Classic Wine

Lorraine said: "How do they expect an 11 year old girl to get from Lea Green to Haydock and back every day? I've been told it will be three buses one to town, then one to Fingerpost where she

Puma Suede Classic Wine

Puma Suede Classic Wine

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