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Puma Suede Platform Core

or for a council like Walsall's to be buying a new Jaguar for the mayor."

"If we are involved in setting our pay everybody screams and now that it is independently set after the expenses scandal, there is nothing we can do."

Puma Suede Platform Core

Puma Suede Platform Core

´╗┐Midlands MPs divided on 11pc pay increase proposal Express Star

The British working people have had to put up with an influx of folk willing to work for lower rewards. Consequently the struggle to earn a decent living has become extremely difficult.

Prime Minister David Cameron told MPs yesterday that the idea of an 11 per cent pay rise at a time of pay restraint is 'simply unacceptable'.

Mr Miliband has called for cross party talks on the issue.

My advice to them is the British electorate are not stupid. We are watching closely and if my local MP does change his mind then he will certainly not get my vote at the next voting opportunity and I would encourage others to consider the same option.

Adrian Bailey, for West Bromwich West, said: "I will make a judgement on what to accept in the light of pay and economic conditions." Wolverhampton South East MP Pat McFadden believes the plans will not go ahead in their current form. He said: "I think it is a long way down the road."

It may take a few years but the sooner we see a similar attitude in those who seek to govern this country the better. Cabinet ministers are always banging on about getting the best value for money. It about time they set the right example.

Emma Reynolds, for Wolverhampton North East, said: "I do not want to see MPs treated differently from other public sector workers." And Paul Uppal, the Wolverhampton South West MP, swerved the question. "I think ultimately there are too many MPs," he said.

Puma Suede Platform Core

Puma Suede Platform Core

North, spoke out against the plans. "I think this increase is mad," he said.

Ian Austin, for Dudley Puma Rihanna New

It very commendable that Puma Suede Womens

most of the MPs when asked if they will take the rise have indicated they will not. However I am not gullible to think that they will not change their mind as soon as they are re elected.

Puma Suede Platform Core

Puma Suede Platform Core

Sir Richard Shepherd, the Aldridge Brownhills MP, is also in the 'against' camp and did hit Puma Suede Platform Core out at Walsall Council for spending 50,000 on a new mayoral car. He said: "There is no reason for pay increases like this Puma Velvet Creepers Office

Puma Suede Platform Core

Halesowen and Rowley Regis representative James Morris would refuse the rise. He said: "Ipsa should not have considered raising MPs' pay until the people we represent start to get similar pay rises."

Puma Suede Platform Core

Puma Suede Platform Core

Stourbridge MP Margot James would accept a rise but at a reduced rate. "I think that the pay rise proposed is excessive," she said. "However, the proposals also increase pension contributions and reduce severance pay, so it's not all one way."

And most MPs in the Midlands who responded to the Express Star agree that proposals to increase their pay by 11 per cent are misguided in an era of pay freezes and below inflation raises. One today called the plans 'mad'.

Stafford MP Jeremy Lefroy is against the pay rise but says: "This is an independent recommendation so as MPs we are trapped between a rock and a hard place.

However Valerie Vaz, for Walsall South, said: "Since I entered parliament in 2010 MPs' pay, pensions, office costs and expenses have been set by Ipsa. It has been tasked to resolve these longstanding issues independently and is doing so."

Puma Suede Platform Core

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