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Matthews took notice of local opthalmologist Christine Suess criticism of the provincial budget in the June 6 Standard Freeholder and has fired back by saying that if Dr. Suess and her colleagues are serious about the well being of their patients, the Ontario Medical Association should get back to the bargaining table.

average billing is $666,000 per year and have seen a 60% increase over the last eight years. That the average hundreds of doctors bill in excess of a million and a few dozen earning in excess of $2 million per year. no mistake, this is about money, she said.

it not about the money, let have the conversation and hear her ideas, Matthews said.

in that physician envelope to acknowledge the fact that some specialists are terrific beneficiaries of technology, she said, and Suess profession opthalmology is among the most well compensated.

Puma Rihanna The Creeper

Puma Rihanna The Creeper

Puma Rihanna The Creeper

Puma Rihanna The Creeper

not doing their homework, she said.

Minister of Health and Long Term Care Deb Matthews says some must be brought back to the table, after her government budget plans involving doctors was criticized by a Cornwall physician.

Puma Rihanna The Creeper

Cornwall The tit for tat war of words between the province and Ontario doctors is heating up after a Cornwall doctor said the people who are going to suffer from the impact of fee cuts to physicians is patients.

should not pull their patients into this discussion. It time to inject a little common sense into this. if she interested in taking up Suess offer to tour her facility in person, Matthews said she the invitation. Dr. Suess and her colleagues have better ideas (on cuts), I want to hear them but I think it wrong for doctors who are extremely well paid to put their patients in the middle of this. said Suess reference to Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) statistics is not an accurate depiction of doctor salaries in Canada (which ranks Ontario 7th).

Suess is not impressed with the minister stance.

Suess understands her income will take a hit as a result of fee cuts, but insists she more concerned about the impact on patients and a city such as Cornwall ability to recruit doctors in the future.

(MOH) have very Puma Suede One Color

manipulate information with our tax dollars, that disappointing. doesn understand the wide discrepancy in ICES vs. CIHI data.

But the minister said doctors shouldn use patients as pawns .

want to focus on home care and community care. argues the $11 billion the province spends annually on compensating its physicians benefits some specialists disproportionately because of improved technology.

chosen to protect the gains we made in physician compensation, we increased our spending by 85% in that area and we can afford to spend more on doctors, Matthews said.

Puma Rihanna The Creeper

out dated and only captures fee for service, Matthews said. not the whole story. Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES) data is much more robust. said the province must work within its fiscal reality and Puma Rihanna The Creeper challenged Suess to put her money where her mouth is.

doing re balancing Puma Suede Burgundy

In an interview with the Standard Freeholder, Dr. Seuss criticized fee Puma X Fenty Office

well paid spinsters, she said from her office on Friday.

´╗┐Minister blames docs for fee fight

go into medicine to help people and make a difference, that why we do it, she said.

cuts to doctors, and invited Matthews to visit her office to see first hand how such cuts will impact her patients.

Puma Rihanna The Creeper

Puma Rihanna The Creeper

Puma Rihanna The Creeper

Puma Rihanna The Creeper

rates Ontario doctor pay at No. 1, while CIHI indicates Ontario is 7th. doctors are getting into medicine for money, as Matthews charges, they in for disappointment, according to Suess.

Puma Rihanna The Creeper

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