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Dave Ealey, SRD spokesman, said the department has previously conducted training with provincial staff to prevent any name mix ups in the Puma Suede Platform

Allegations also surfaced Morton's communications director at the time told staff the e mail was deliberately covert to avoid Puma Suede Classic Light Blue being accessible through information requests.

Liberal MLA Laurie Blakeman said she too has alternate e mails, but there's no doubt as to who they belong to.

During the height of the e mail melee, Morton said staff were in charge of handling all e mails and submitting them to the necessary recording process after he left the SRD ministry.

"I think it was intentional on part of the minister (Morton), and since we weren't able to ask him directly, we won't be able to find that out now," she said.

Work released results of the investigation Tuesday, clearing Morton of any wrong Puma Suede Black And Red

"I didn't see the need," Privacy Commissioner Frank Work said at a press conference Tuesday.

Puma Suede Classic Light Blue

Puma Suede Classic Light Blue

from his post at the end of November.

Work said through interviewing 16 people, he could find no evidence to support those allegations.

"I'll be honest with you, if I was going to do it over again, yeah I would (speak to Morton). But does it make any material difference to the outcome on the basis of the evidence I have? No, it doesn't."

"Our FOIP office has been around the province training our staff and we'll certainly be doing that with the ministry office as well ensuring that records that meet the FOIP act are appropriately managed and that type of training is ongoing," said Ealey, adding he's unaware whether former SRD minister Mel Knight and current minister Frank Oberle have secondary e mails.

Morton said he would not speak to the media about the issue because the report "speaks for itself."

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Puma Suede Classic Light Blue

The investigation was launched Sept.

Alberta's privacy commissioner is under criticism for failing to interview former resource minister Ted Morton during an investigation surrounding Morton's use of a covert e mail address to conduct government business.

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doing because he didn't "willfully" conceal communications sent through an alias e mail using his given names Frederick Lee while he was sustainable resource development (SRD) minister from 2006 to 2008.

The privacy office will embark on a two week project to better assess the scope to which MLAs use secondary e mails; however, the extent of the report will be hindered because Work is officially stepping down Puma Platform Black And Gold

´╗┐minister wasn't avoiding FOIP with e

Despite finding Morton not at fault, Work pointed out numerous flaws surrounding access to information laws in the province.

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