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That doesn't include extras such as tournaments, hotel rooms and flights.

Hockey parents across Canada shell out an average of $1,666 a year on equipment and gear, fees, instruction and direct travel, according to a study released by Solutions Research Group of Toronto.

Water skiing cost an average of $2,028 a year, according to the study. Hockey was $362 cheaper, followed by equestrian ($1,434), baseball ($1,115) and skiing ($923).

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Soccer, the top team sport (767,000), dance (625,500) and hockey (531,000) followed;

"When we say hockey, there are more than a half million minor hockey players, from house to travelling road teams," said Kaan Yigit, director of Solutions' Canadian Youth Sports Report, the research group's first comprehensive look into Canadian youth sports.

Add in other costs risk of serious injury and parents' time, Puma Suede Classic Grey

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Half of boys' injuries came from hockey, football or soccer; for girls the top three for injuries are soccer, gymnastics and dance, according to the study. But the injuries from hockey tended to be concussions or broken bones, while for soccer they were ankle injuries.

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Some other findings:

More than a half million Canadian kids are involved in minor hockey programs, according to the director of Solutions Canadian Youth Sports Report.

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Puma X Stampd Black

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Puma X Stampd Black

E mail this ArticleShare this ArticleRushing to join new Princess Patricia's Canadian Light InfantryHarry Gibb war was over before it even began. When Canada found itself in the fight against .

"The perception is there is no issue around injury, affordability, the health benefits," he said of the round ball sports. "Hockey has a handicap around those issues."

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Swimming was the top organized sport/activity for Canadian youth aged 3 to 17, with 1.12 million taking part;

Original source article:Minor hockey now more expensive than horseback riding, study finds

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Overall in Canada, while 32 per cent of youth follow the NHL, 43 per cent do not follow any professional league.

The study examined 44 organized sports representing 5.9 million Canadian youth. Average cost to parents was $750 a year.

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In Vancouver, the NBA is the No. 2 league that youth follow, behind the NHL, while Major League Soccer was third;

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"The range (in cost) is substantial. These figures are a blend of costs across the board."

child played soccer ($675) and took skating ($613), the combined cost ($1,288) would still be almost $400 less per year than if he or she played hockey alone.

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´╗┐Minor hockey now more expensive than horseback riding

to name two and to a growing Puma X Stampd Black number of parents, sports such as soccer, basketball and volleyball begin to look very attractive, Yigit said.

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