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A proposal now being reviewed by the ministry would require hunters to report their catches of snapping turtles and could be implemented as soon as this season, said Julia Holden, program biologist with the ministry.

Fishers with a small game or fishing licence can take as many as two turtles a day, so long as they have fewer Puma Tan Platform

"At this time, we don't have immediate plans to ban the overall harvest," said Holden, but one factor is that the ministry doesn't have reliable numbers on how many turtles are being harvested. A federal study with a rough estimate had fewer than 1% of anglers reporting hunting snapping turtles.

Snapping turtles face many challenges, said South Nation Conservation species at risk technician Karen Paquette. These include habitat loss, predators, road mortality and the fact that adults mature late as old as 12 meaning young turtles are under a lot of pressure to live long enough to reproduce.

Puma X Fenty Oatmeal Creepers

"The intention behind that, if it is implemented, is to get a better sense of harvesting activities . . . to hopefully work forward with snapping turtle management," Holden said.

than five at home.

a species "of special concern."

Puma X Fenty Oatmeal Creepers

Puma X Fenty Oatmeal Creepers

Puma X Fenty Oatmeal Creepers

Puma X Fenty Oatmeal Creepers

Puma X Fenty Oatmeal Creepers

Puma X Fenty Oatmeal Creepers

Paquette said public misconception is also a danger for the snapping turtle. "The reality is that they are not angry or aggressive on purpose," she said. "They have a smaller shell . . . on the belly portion, so they are unable to enter into their shell to hide. It's because of that that they've evolved to snap."

Puma X Fenty Oatmeal Creepers

less abundant in the north, said Holden.

CORNWALL While those who have a taste for snapping turtle can continue to hunt for the time being, the Ministry of Natural Resources is looking to get their hands on the matter.

Commercial sale of the meat has been banned, Holden said, but some anglers still take the turtles for their own dinners.

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The turtle can be found in areas all across southern Ontario, although it's Puma X Stampd Black

There isn't a lot of information on the total population either, said Holden, although the snapping turtle is listed as Buy Puma Platforms

A report from the David Suzuki Foundation, called "The Road to Extinction," called for the hunt to be banned in order to protect the turtle.

´╗┐Ministry wants to get handle on scope of snappi

The goal of the study is "to provide our federal and provincial governments with the scientific information to make appropriate policy decisions," Paquette said.

South Nation Conservation is currently awaiting funding for its seventh year of the Turtle Watch program, Puma X Fenty Oatmeal Creepers which asks the public to report sightings of six rare turtles in the area, including the snapping turtle, which was added to the list in 2009.

Puma X Fenty Oatmeal Creepers

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