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Barth doesn't foresee any layoffs in the next month as commissioners take stock of the county's financial situation and decide whether to appeal the administrative judge's decision.

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Another possible source of unexpected income is the bank franchise tax, McFarland said. In a month, the county will know how much money it will get from the tax. Last year's amount was $700,000, but commissioners conservatively budgeted only $350,000 this year.

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Commissioner Cindy Heiberger said the commission had no choice but to abide by the judge's ruling, although she doesn't like disparity among county workers' pay.

"I don't think it's fair, and I don't think it's right," she said.

"I think we probably would have to downsize our employees," he said. "I do. Because what else can we cut?"

Carey Deaver, Minnehaha County director of human resources, said county employees are likely to have a Puma Suede Womens Black And White


"We have a good group of professional employees, and I think the vast majority of them understand that there's been some difficult decisions that have needed to be made," she said.

The county can appeal Hageman's decision to circuit court, but not until the county and union both have filed their findings of fact and conclusions of law. That should be done within a month, said Gordy Swanson, chief civil deputy state's attorney.

When the contract was negotiated, both sides knew the county was facing tough economic times, he said, and "there was no fight when we entered this contract."

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If layoffs become necessary, they could come from any of the county's departments, Barth said.

If the county appeals, the circuit court process could take up to three months or longer, but that's not the last stop. The case could be appealed to the state Supreme Court, and the whole process could take months.

"It would be hard to collect at that point," Commissioner Gerald Beininga Puma Suede Debossed Blue

In the meantime, the county will spend almost $50,000 a month in wages commissioners had planned to save. If the county ultimately wins the case, it probably would not recoup the extra wages paid.

´╗┐Minnehaha County to cut workers' pay

variety of reactions to the disparity in wages.

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Minnehaha County deputies will see their wages stay the same, while other county employees will see a 5 percent pay cut this year, commissioners decided Tuesday morning.

The decision will the cost the county $490,000 in union wages they expected to save this year after voting in July to cut the base wages of 520 county employees, including deputies and jailers, highway crews and office workers, to help close an almost $3 million Puma Rihanna Creepers

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Puma Rihanna Sneakers Red

Commissioner Jeff Barth was encouraged enough by the numbers to suggest restoring full wages to all county employees, but Beninga said that might be premature.

Commissioner John Pekas agreed.

All departments are running at the lowest possible operating costs now, he said.

"You can't make good decisions without good numbers," he said, adding that the commission should, at this time, concentrate only on deputies association wages.

Even with that unexpected income, it's still possible the county may need to downsize employees, according to Commissioner Jeff Barth.

budget gap for 2012.

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Puma Rihanna Sneakers Red

For now, the county has enough money to cover the unplanned expense, Commission Administrative Officer Ken McFarland said. A contract for county inmate health care was renegotiated at a $200,000 savings, and the county is expecting income from the sale of highway department surplus equipment. In addition, money is budgeted this year for five employee positions that currently are open. If those positions are not filled this year, the county will save $225,000, McFarland said.

Just before Christmas, South Dakota Administrative Law Judge Donald Hageman ruled that the County Commission violated the collective bargaining agreement it had with the deputies' association when it imposed the salary reduction.

Ryan Qualseth, president of the Minnehaha County Deputies Association, acknowledged the disparity could affect morale. But he hopes other employees will agree that the two year union contract, which expires at the end of this year, should Puma Rihanna Sneakers Red be upheld.

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"If we just wait a little bit longer, we will have better numbers," he said.

But in August, the Minnehaha County Deputies Association, which accounts for 182 county employees, said the county violated its contract by cutting union wages.

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